Veeam Software License Agreement

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As the market increasingly moves to multi-cloud and hybrid environments based on portability, licensing is shifting from subscription type to waiting. Veeam has made a commitment to its customers to offer more and more products through a portable licensing model. One of the advantages of this model for customers is that sharing the source infrastructure between different licenses and license terms is prohibited. Veeam offers three support programs: Premier, Production, and Basic. In addition, there is an evaluation support program for 30 days after product download. Each program offers a guarantee of support via the web, email and phone, as well as the ability to open business via the web or phone. Customer support with Community Edition/Free License/NFR licensed products is best done. For more information, see the Veeam Customer Support Policy. VBR is software that provides the following features for VMware vSphere Virtual Machine (VM).

The use of this software makes it possible to integrate the execution of backup and replication. If Veeam EULA confirms an act that amounts to a licence infringement, the provision of the service may be stopped by force. Use what you want if you need it. License portability also simplifies ordering and license management, reducing the complexity of managing different SKUs by product or workload type. Customers can use copies of the software and a license key to manage the same or more source frameworks. In this scenario, customers must implement centralized license management (for example.B. Use these subscription licenses to protect any type of workload you need. Please learn more about vbo_licensing.html 2.0 Permitted Use. You can use the software for the number of licenses or capabilities you have acquired. You have the right to create copies of the software and documentation for your own use, in accordance with the EULA and the Licensing Directive. All copies or partial copies of the software and documentation you create must contain all patent, copyright, and trademark notices.

The validity period of the software version provided in this menu complies with Veeam Software`s EOL/EOS ( directive.