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v Subtitled cartoons for English Language Learners, English>Ukrainisch, 21 min., Subtitles Edit v Follow-up Scientific Advice of a Medical Preparation on Contraception Oral contraception for Preservation or Restoration of Sexual Function, English>Swish, 3,167 words, Memsource v DLM700-JET Datalogger Use and Maintenance Manual, English>Ukrainian, 18,773 words, SDL Trados 2017 v NMDC PerformanceSheet, English>Ukrainian, 1,057 words, SDL Trados 2017. v Adipose-Derived Stem Cells for Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Applications, English>ukrain, 8,216 words. v power of attorney, English>ukrain, 7,389 words v document packages and instructions for a microelectronic medical device, English > Ukrainian, 17,700 words, MemoQ [11,822,362 words translated and corrected read until 2001-2020] They also have access to many other tools and possibilities developed for those who have (or are interested in) language jobs. Participation is free of charge and the website has a strict privacy policy. . v Oxygen Concentrate Patient Manual, English>Ukrain, 2,847 words v 2400 / 2420 / 2450 Performance Drives Guide for Installation, Troubleshooting and Maintenance, English>Ukrain, 34,965 words, SDL Trados 2017 v Full Flow Emergency Relief Valves Standard and H2S Service Models: (Spring Design 2 ยป ERVs). User manual and service manual, English>Ukrainois, 3,540 words, SDL Trados 2017. v Subtitle of a video “Interview of mushroom pickers”, Russian>englisch, 22 min., Subtitles Edit v company profile, English>Senusse, 1,899 words v Charter of the Ukrainian Public Association “National Assembly of Persons with Disabilities”, Ukrainian>englisch, 4,693 words v user manual ZF-AS Tronic Bus Range Keypad, English>Ukrain, 3,750 words, SDL Trados 2017 v Models of communication of the American insurance company to patients, Russian> English, 2768 words, Memsource v Translating Clinical Team Review: Copy, Terms and Conditions, Clinical Study App Content, English>Ukrainian, 22,015 words, SDL TRADOS 2017. v MicroRNA-27a Modulates HCV Infection in Differentiated Hepatocyte-Like Cells from Adipose Tissue-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells, English>Ukrainisch, 4,694 words v invoices for THE EBRD, NEFCO, English>Ukrainisch, 9,075 words. . v Proofreading for dubai tourism board official website, English>ukrain, 64,090 words, XTM v Marquees Content for the National Museum of the Revolution of Dignity, Ukrainian>Englisch, 13,889 words v Graduation certificates, performance certificates, English>ukrain, 1,100 words, SDL Trados 2017 v Adipose tissue stem cells for therapy: An update on the progress of isolation, culture, storage, and clinical application, English>Ukrain, 5,843 words.

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