Did Directv Come To An Agreement With Viacom

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Both sides blame the other side for dropping the ball in the negotiations. This morning, Denise Denson, Viacom`s executive chairman of content distribution and marketing, said that “the last time we had a 11.m (Tuesday) morning. No new solutions were proposed. In fact, the last proposal DirecTV made was lower than anyone in the industry, and an agreement that we said we would not do out of fairness to other merchants. . We are ready to discuss at any time. The breakthrough came early Monday – 52 hours after the expiry of the previous transport contract. But both sides have made progress, to the point that leaders have preferred talks beyond Friday night`s deadline. Viacom and AT&T today announced an agreement to keep Viacom channels on DIRECTV NOW. AT&T and Viacom had until last Friday to strike a new deal or Viacom channels like Comedy Central, MTV, VH1, Paramount and more leave directV NOW. This deadline has been extended and with this new agreement, DIRECTV NOW customers who have viacom channels can keep their channels without interruption. The media company wants a raise of “a few cents a day per subscriber,” Mark Jafar, Viacom`s vice president for corporate communications, wrote on the company`s official blog (blog.viacom.com). In its own statement, AT&T said, “We are disappointed to see that Viacom is putting our customers in the middle of their negotiations. We are on the side of customer selection and customer value and we want to keep Viacom`s channels in our customers` lists.

We hope to avoid disruption to channels that are important to some of our customers. The company added: “The facts speak for themselves: several Viacom channels are no longer popular. Viacom`s channels have lost a total of about 40% of their audience over the past six years. Viacom is a mediocre serial player in these business negotiations and has used this tactic several times with other distributors. Our goal is always to provide the content our customers want to a value that is also useful to them. We have always fought to get the best deal for our customers and provide the desired content at a good price. We will continue to fight for that. After several days of tense negotiations, AT&T and Viacom Inc. have reached a new distribution deal to avoid a blackout of Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon and other channels on AT&T`s DirecTV service. DirecTV has a series of big renewals in the coming months with high-level programmers, including CBS, Viacom`s siblings under the roof of Redstone and the newly expanded disney. There is no doubt that, in viacom discussions, the company intends to send the message that it intends to hammer home the increase in program costs amid turrations in the pay-TV market. Viacom responded by saying that DirecTV had been paying “the same bargain price” for its program for seven years. Viacom is the high-end programmer of the service and Nickelodeon is the most viewed single channel on DirecTV, Viacom says, with 20% of viewers seeing a Viacom channel at any given time.

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