Construction Consulting Agreement

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A construction consultant assists clients with future and existing projects, including analyzing construction plans, assessing costs, finding suitable contractors, designing contracts, negotiating prices, communicating with suppliers, and performing dispute resolution procedures. The consultant is usually a civil engineer, architect or someone who has a complete understanding of the industry. This is a standard agreement between an owner of a construction project and a consultant to provide specific consulting services. This agreement offers a standard industrial contract of good practices that integrates the general conditions of sale into a document. This agreement includes basic and other additional services. The terms and conditions include the responsibilities assigned to each party and address critical issues of the contract. Here are the strengths of our agreement: this agreement is normally agreed upon when the architect is hired, although we have started the process at all stages of the design. Often, the client comes to us first and we help our clients find an architect who suits them. Then we form a team composed of the owner, the architect and us. We participate in all design meetings and offer value. First visit? Please register via the link below. Repairer? Welcome! Please sign up to access your personal project dashboard….