An Agreement In Court That Solved A Dispute

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But in June 1989, SJT resulted in the settlement of a $300 million class action lawsuit against the National Lead Company and the Department of Energy by a group of 14,000 plaintiffs in a case involving the release of uranium waste into the atmosphere of Fernald, Ohio. Due to the complexity of the case, the SJT lasted ten days instead of the usual 1 or 2, but litigation and appeals could have taken months or years. The summary jury handed down a verdict of $136 million, including punitive damages, and soon after, the two sides agreed on $73 million, although previous settlement negotiations ended in a complete stalemate. Often, the nature of the court to which one can turn in the event of a dispute is already defined in the contract. If this is not the case, the law gives answers as to which jurisdiction is related to which disputes. Most of the time, it is possible to apply to the defendant`s court, but the law offers other options in contractual relations cases. The Victoria Dispute Resolution Centre has a free telephone service that will work with you to try to resolve your dispute. The Centre will talk to you about your problem, discuss options, propose negotiation strategies and arrange mediation if necessary. Call (03) 9603 8370 or 1800 658 528 (domestic caller).

In the case of arbitration proceedings, a third party (referred to as an “arbitrator”) acts as a private judge and makes a decision on the dispute between the parties. Most importantly, both sides felt confirmed by the result…