Pro Artist Management Agreement

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As far as the provision rate is concerned, there are no rules set in stone. Many managers, if they accept size restrictions, will cling to keeping the commission rate full as long as the artist is paid. Others will accept a slippery scale, but want longer periods than those shown here. Many managers will agree to reduce the commission rate over a relatively short period of time, but want to be paid at a lower rate (usually 3-5%) As long as the artist is paid. It may also be effective to link the duration of the post-term commission to the time spent on administration. So that you can start with a short application period, which could be increased if the agreement is renewed. The manager is more likely than not, the artist`s only manager, but the artist may not be the only artist of the manager. If the artist is not the only client of the manager, it may be useful for the artist to obtain a minimum of time commitments that the manager is required to offer. There may be an oral or written agreement between the artist and the manager.

They may have decided verbally that the manager will help the artist and get 10% in return. If you don`t know the artist or manager well, you can opt for a short-term contract first. This allows you to have a better idea of the other person and see if you fit well professionally. The challenges of this arrangement are that “helping the artist” is not clear and probably means something different for everyone. The 10% is 10% of what — money from the opportunities that the manager receives directly, or 10% of music sales and tours? What about royalties? It is very important that the manager is not able to sign insect, publishing or merchandising agreements on your behalf. However, most major record labels and publishers would be unhappy with any situation in which a leader claimed it. We recommend that artists appoint a professional accountant who will take over all accounting tasks for the artist`s bank account and the payment of the management commission. It is always best to leave it to professionals to keep accurate books and records for transactions with money in the bank account. Similarly, an impartial third party, who manages the bank account in accordance with the terms of the administrative agreement, prefers the manager if he does so. (iii) Sunset Clauses: (clauses 4.2 and 4.3) Until many years ago, many managers would try to insist that they receive their full commission on all revenues from an agreement reached before or during the duration of the management contract, as long as these revenues have been generated (which could be 50 years with respect to your licence fees under your record contract). , or your life plus 70 years with respect to your royalties as part of your publishing contract. Few managers expect this and most accept that after the duration of the agreement, the amount of their commission should be limited.