Fixed Sum Loan Agreement O2

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(b) Subject to the above sub-clauses, the technology fund reserves the right to withdraw the tech fund at any time, including the remaining amount of credit from the Tech Fund and the future right of credit to the Tech Fund for new links (if any), in the case of: 18.2 Each party must meet its respective obligations under the Data Protection Act at any time and fulfill all obligations arising from that agreement that may prejudice or contravene any of the obligations in force under the Data Protection Act. In particular, each party has: 6.5 The customer can terminate 30 days to terminate this contract if AD does not provide the agreed equipment or an appropriate replacement within 90 days. If the customer terminates the contract within this time, the customer is responsible for all termination charges under paragraphs 10.1 to 10.3, plus the initial entry price of the handsets in accordance with the AD order form. 9.4 It is the customer`s responsibility to ensure that he has no contractual obligations to another network or network. All costs associated with acquiring PAC codes or terminating existing contracts must be fully paid by the customer, unless agreed otherwise and clearly stated on the AD sales order form. When an agreement is reached with AD, the costs that are determined by AD must be reasonable. If the costs are not reasonable, the customer may decide to participate in the fees or wait until the costs are reduced over several months. During this period, the customer may terminate the contract, but is subject to a termination fee in accordance with the 10.1 to 10.5. 11.8 Your material terms under consumer contract regulations have no influence on O2 network agreements with Aerial Direct Limited. “Contract duration” means the minimum number of months each SIM card provided under this contract must remain connected to wireless services and the minimum duration that the customer must keep to AD and the network provider listed on the broadcast and order contract. 11.1.1 A company that acquires devices does not obtain the same right as in point 11.1, since the provisions relating to consumer contracts do not apply in your lease after acceptance, so it is important to take the time to understand your entire offer under the lease agreement and the agreement in accordance with the advertisement. “Sublease contract” refers to a lease agreement between AD and Propel under which Propel leases the equipment to AD and authorizes AD to deliver the same device to the customer.

Propel is the rightful owner of the equipment. The customer has the right to use the device in exchange for regular rents paid to the network operator (O2) and regular rents paid by AD to Propel in accordance with the corresponding rental agreement. The customer must also respect the terms of use of the device set out in the calendar. If ownership of the equipment is transferred to AD during the execution of the sublease contract, it is passed on to the customer. Shows the best cards and credits you`re most likely to get. “Connect” is an end-to-end communication solution granted by the user, made available to the customer by AD as part of this agreement, and includes equipment and/or documents provided under the mobile loan/lease contract with a fixed amount. (f) In the event of a suspension of the agreement for any reason, we reserve the right to suspend the technology fund or its terms. 3.2 In order to avoid any doubt, if the equipment has been delivered and is not subject to a “loan contract”, AD reserves the right to fill the ownership of the device to the customer until the duration of the contract, sublease contract and/or “mobile lease” and the title has been handed over to AD, to which the title is then transferred to the customer.