Feros Care Enterprise Agreement

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Over the course of a month, more than 1,000 people working in the retirement care sector participated in protected labour disputes, affecting 26 retirement homes in Victoria. We have an exciting role as HR Advisor/Generalist to join our support and fun HR team in our Service Office, Epping NSW 2121. This position is ideal for recent HR graduates, who also have at least 2 years of professional experience in the human resources department and are looking for a way to develop the skills needed to play a business partner role in the future. This is a dynamic role with a strong ER/IR and the opportunity to manage HR projects focused on staff engagement and improving efficiency in HR processes. Working with an experienced HR Business Partners team, you have the opportunity to gain coaching, mentoring and hands-on advice to help you develop your knowledge, skills and career. “Their actions set a new precedent for engagement in the elderly care sector and sent a strong message to private employers of end-of-life care to negotiate agreements.” “Bupa nurses should be proud that their unprecedented union actions have drawn attention to the number of caregivers for the elderly and made people wonder what a number of nurses are caring for our elderly loved ones. Fourteen months of wage negotiations ended when Bupa Aged Care agreed to an 11.25 per cent increase over three years for nurses. Gilbert said improving the workforce with more registered nurses, registered nurses and health care workers should be the next step for all seniors` caregivers. For more details on the Feros Care Agreement, click here. Feros Care, NSWNMA, QNMU and HSU NSW Enterprise Agreement 2017-2020 “Bupas` original offer would have kept nurses` salaries in the bottom 10% of aged care centres,” Gilbert said in an interview with the Health Times. “Nurses and carers took 37 days of action, including three days of full shift strike action and a 400-strong rally outside Bupa`s Melbourne corporate headquarters, following stop work and community rally held across the state. Inadequate human resources in the end-of-life care sector have become so normalized in a for-profit senior care sector that employers appear to be blind to the consequences,” Gilbert said. Bupa employees rejected the company`s initial offer of a 2.1 per cent pay increase in a one-year contract with no further change.

In addition to the increase in wages, the new enterprise agreement includes improvements in business rights and the management of employment services, as well as substantial changes to Sunday sanctions, protection of the right to long-term leave for workers retiring, recognition of regular overtime for part-time workers, the ability to use personal leave as family leave, enhanced parental leave and online apprenticeship clauses. We reward our employees for passing on future employees to Feros Care. If Feros Care employs someone who is referred to us by an existing employee and completes a “qualification period,” you will be rewarded with a recommendation bonus. Southern Cross Care is a aged care organization that provides services and accommodations with our supportive environments that allow our clients to be happy and “live life to the fullest.”