Welcome to the Age of Distraction, where we will explore ways to find healthier, more balanced ways to live and learn with technology.

Hello! My name is Bill Belsey. I am a Canadian classroom teacher who has long been an early adopter of technology to support teaching and learning. While I have enjoyed much excitement and success throughout my professional learning journey using technology, I believe that we should always be willing and able to step back and question our teaching practice. In my own case, I am re-examining the use of technology with my students.  The way we use technology as learners ourselves should be also questioned. By questioning, we will grow our professional practice and ultimately better support our students and their learning.

The basic principles that will guide this resource are:

  • QUESTION: current technology uses in education
  • CURATE: find emerging research that examines the ways technology use impacts learners and learning
  • REFLECT: share insights about how emerging research relates to what teachers are experiencing as they work with students
  • INFORM: present this information and related insights online and through in-person presentations to support fellow educators and help them develop their own best teaching practices

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